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Finding Your Browser’s Developer Console

Native internet apps like Balsamiq Cloud can be difficult to troubleshoot, particularly concerning the wide variety of browsers and browser plugins to be had for customers nowadays. One component that could assist us (and also you) figure out what’s occurring in your browser’s developer (or JavaScript) console. Here’s how to find it on most present-day browsers. Click here

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft edge
  • apple safari

Before you may get admission to the Developer Console in Safari, you ought to first permit the Developer Menu. To do that, move into Safari’s choices (Safari menu > Preferences) and choose the Advanced tab.

Once that menu is enabled, you’ll discover the developer console using clicking on Developer > Show JavaScript Console.


You also can use the shortcut Option + ⌘ + C.

The console will open either to your present Safari window or in a new window. This will automatically pick out the Console tab.

Google Chrome

To open the Developer Console in Google Chrome, open the Chrome menu inside the higher-right corner of the browser window and pick out More Tools > Developer Tools.


You also can use Option + ⌘ + J (on macOS), or Shift + CTRL + J (on Windows/Linux).

The console will both open in your present Chrome window or a brand new window. You might also need to choose the Console tab.

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Mozilla Firefox

To open the Developer Console in Firefox, click on the Firefox menu within the top-proper nook of the browser and select More Tools > Browser Console.


You also can use the shortcut Shift + ⌘ + J (on macOS) or Shift + CTRL + J (on Windows/Linux).

The browser console will open in a new window.

Microsoft Aspect

To open the Developer Console in Microsoft Edge, open the Edge menu within the higher-right nook of the browser window and select More Tools > Developer Tools.


You also can press CTRL+Shift+i to open it.

The console will open either to your current Edge window or in a new window. You may additionally choose the Console tab.

What Is Chrome Developer Mode?

When we confer with Chrome Developer Mode, we are not talking approximately the identical Developer Mode you’ll see on a Chromebook. We’re referring to the complete Chrome improvement tools (called Google DevTools) that are built into the browser itself.


These are equipment designed to check, analyze, and intentionally wreck (in case you ought to) a web web page you load in a Google Chrome browser for testing purposes. To a simple degree, you could use DevTools to view the supply code of a website, so you can see how the web page is constructed and runs properly.

However, Google DevTools gives greater than that. You can use Chrome Developer Mode to alternate the page after it has loaded, run Google Chrome console instructions to control and manage the web page, as well as speed and community checks to display net site visitors Can run


You also can emulate different gadgets, inclusive of unique working systems and display screen resolutions, in Chrome DevTools mode. It lets you see if a site has a responsive net layout, and where the website online’s content material and format will trade based on device decision or type.


While those gear are geared toward expert web developers or testers, it’s also reachable for popular Chrome users to realize their manner around the DevTools suite. If you see a hassle with a domain that you can’t resolve, switching to Chrome developer mode can help you see if the problem is with the website or your browser.

How To Access The Google Chrome Devtools Menu

You can get the right of entry to the Google Chrome DevTools menu in a few ways, depending on the tool you want to use.


The easiest manner to do this is from the Google Chrome menu. To do this, click on the menu icon with 3 dots inside the pinnacle right. From the menu that appears, click on More Tools > Developer Tools.

This will open the DevTools Kit in a brand new menu on the proper aspect of your open Chrome tab or window.


You can also do this with the use of keyboard shortcuts. From Windows or Linux PC, open Chrome browser and press the F12 key. You also can press the Ctrl + Alt + J or Ctrl + Alt + I keys in an open Chrome tab or window.


On macOS, alternatively, press F12 or press the Option + Command + J or Option + Command + I keys to open the Chrome DevTools menu. This will open the Chrome console on the pinnacle of the DevTools menu with options to jump to different Chrome tools.

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