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Iodized Salt Manufacturing Business

The production process of the iodized salt production process is not complicated. Iodized salt is ordinary salt that is treated with potassium iodate 50 to provide good iodine in food to make iodine deficiency in our country.

At first the remnants of seawater left behind were called brine. Iodized salt for human consumption is a modern technique. Iodine is used to make thyroxine, an important hormone in the body.

Salt is used as a means of providing iodine to the body. Many important industrial chemical processes rely on sodium chloride. Iodized salt contains 25 ppm potassium iodate (KIO3), which is 3.0025%. Salt that contains salt is stable in buildings that absorb water from the outside.

The stability of this type of salt depends on water, polarized light, ferric chloride, magnesium sulphate and other impurities.

Here are some steps to start an iodized salt business

Conduct market research

If you want to start a small iodized salt manufacturing business, local market demand is an important area to study. Familiarize yourself with local retail stores, do extensive market research and understand the trends and shopping habits of customers in nearby markets.

Learn about the production process of iodized salt

Understanding the production process of iodized salt is important for beginners. It is better to learn from the buyer. Otherwise, talk to the manufacturers of the equipment and try to learn everything you can about the process.

Below are the main steps followed in the iodine production process.

  • Crude brine is placed in a conical hopper and crushed by a 2-3 mm high carbon steel roller crusher.
  • This salt is transported to the outfall by slope conveyors.
  • An aqueous solution of 0.1% potassium iodate is sprayed under atmospheric pressure on a layer of salt mixture 10-15 cm wide.
  • This salt is mixed in a horizontal mixer to obtain a mixture similar to iodine.
  • This salt is removed from the storage area at a cost. Alternatively, it can be packed in Kg poly packs for immediate sale.
  • In addition, information about the machinery and equipment required in the production process should be collected. Some types of equipment are listed below.

Machinery for Iodized Salt Production

  • Roll Crusher size 75 x 30 cm with SS hopper
  • Belt conveyor: 3 roll type 450mm width & 6.8 meters length.
  • Spraying chamber (SS) for Potassium iodate solution.
  • Mixing Screw Conveyor, 3 meters long
  • SS Storage tank (100 liters) for potassium iodate solution.
  • Air Compressor, Capacity

Create a business plan

Write a business plan for an iodized salt processing business. If you are looking for money, it would be wise to hire a professional. You can also take the help of free business templates available online to write your own business plan.

Name your business

Choose names of people who can be associated with your salt production company. Additionally, make sure the domain name is similar to the company name. It helps you create a website that resembles the company name.

Support your business with the iodized salt system

Determine the appropriate business process for starting an iodized salt manufacturing business. Also, check with your local authorities to see what licenses and permits are required to run your business without worry. Also check with the insurance company and make sure your business is properly covered.

Organize money

If you finance your business or if people you know give you money, money is not a problem for you. But if you are looking for money, a business plan is important. A well-defined business plan will help in this situation.

Promote your brand of iodized salt

If you are planning to start small with a small budget, allow more time to create your business plan. You need to find an inexpensive way to promote your product. To learn more, check out our article on how to create an effective business plan on a budget.

Finally, don’t expect your business to be an overnight success. Many beginners make this mistake. Like any manufacturing business, the iodized salt processing business takes some time to become profitable. However, if you are committed and do the right thing, the benefits will come quickly.

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