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SeatGeek Efforts to Become a Live-Event Concierge Service

You can tune in on services like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, and many more. The following is an edited version of our Q&A session with SeatGeek Tickets. Typically, humor is left out. More thought and debate have gone into the ear candy.

The Introductory Remarks and Icebreaker

Tell me about yourself. How you found yourself at SeatGeek promo code $40 off. And what you do there. I moved to the Big Apple over twenty years ago and got my master’s degree in medieval history (don’t worry, I made her elaborate on that in the podcast).

Take Your Readers into Account

After that, I decided to pursue a career in technology, and here I am at SeatGeek Tickets. I’m in charge of everything that a fan can interact with, as well as keeping an eye on what sellers on our marketplace are offering to buyers. Anytime I have to make a decision, I always keep the target demographic in mind.

SeatGeek Best Live Show Ever

What is your preferred type of live event, and do you have to use SeatGeek Tickets even if you don’t normally do so? We receive a ticket stipend and free admission to many exciting events as part of our compensation. When I go to a sporting event as a spectator, baseball is my go-to. I’ve always been a huge baseball fan, and since I grew up not far from the nation’s capital, going to Orioles games has been a big part of my life.

SeatGeek Dedicated Mets supporter

Because of the length of time I’ve spent in New York and the fact that my husband is a huge Mets fan, I’ve come to appreciate the SeatGeek Tickets and regularly attend many of their games. Is it fair to assume that people’s appetites for attending live events are back to normal?

A record level of interest

It’s a marked improvement over 2019, which itself set a new high point. I think we could all agree that we missed the excitement of being at a live event. As a seven-year veteran of SeatGeek Tickets, I can say with absolute certainty that demand has never been higher than it is right now.

The SeatGeek Website/Service

The role of mobile in SeatGeek’s ticketing platform. Most of our regular readers are online readers. Also, the number of people using mobile phones to access the internet has skyrocketed. As I consider the Seatgeek Tickets customer service, two main components come to mind. The first part is an online store’s pricing information section.

The Next Action

The second part is when you show up to the event and participate in it; this is when the app really shines. This is where we pitch the importance of getting the app so that we can give you the best experience possible.

Conduct Any Download Ad Campaigns

Nonetheless, the internet is where we find the vast majority of our new users, as this is where the SeatGeek Tickets sales process begins. We’ve scaled back our efforts after learning that they came too early in our customers’ journeys. What signs do you look for first when deciding whether or not to recommend that someone download an app?

Videocasts Covering Fantasy Football

If they are showing interest in making a purchase, we will wait to speak with them until they have finished their research and made their decision online. We direct them there after the sale or if they express an interest in keeping tabs on ticket prices for a specific event. I was wondering if you listen to any fantasy football podcasts and if so, where you find the most success with your undrafted free agents.

SeatGeek Interactions in Generation Z

Wonderful! We promote podcasts extensively. We found that people of the Z generation share some common ground with us. Twenty-six percent of our total audience is part of Generation Z. In addition, we use SeatGeek Tickets and YouTube for influencer marketing. We supplement this with a mix of older, tried-and-true techniques and paid searches.

SeatGeek Business Contracts and Agreements

In our experience, it is very beneficial to enter into business partnerships, such as becoming the official ticket vendor for a specific sports team or venue. The SeatGeek Tickets app can help you keep track of all the Brooklyn Nets tickets you’ve bought in one convenient location.

Individuals Seeking Help

In what ways do you incorporate user comments? Do you use this analysis to inform your choices? Quantitative and qualitative details make up the data for us. Realizing the locations of key customer touchpoints is essential. Immediately following a purchase, why do customers seek help? What can we do to make sure they don’t have to in the future?

Study Where the Hurt Is

We survey and interview users to better understand their needs, wants, and frustrations. It’s not uncommon for people to say they want one thing when they really want something else. As a starting point, we try to use problem spaces rather than predetermined answers.

Regularly if at all possible

To get things in front of users and start receiving feedback as soon as possible, we like to deploy items as early and frequently as possible. We are taking in feedback in nearly every conceivable format, such as app store reviews, focus groups, and so on.

SeatGeek Collecting Data on the Competition

How much effort do you put into researching your rivals and learning what makes them tick? A sufficient length of time is considered significant. When it comes to the fans, we obsess over every last detail. We study the apps of our rivals to learn from their successes and avoid their mistakes as we create our own apps. But I also get the impression that our rivals are learning a lot more about us.

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