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What are Some Beautiful Places to Visit In Tahiti?

l OSL OALSThe word “paradise” may come to mind when you think of Tahiti. There is more to French Polynesia than just Bora Bora and the stunning overwater bungalows that have made it so well-known. If you think to visit Tahiti you must visit these places. Moreover, you will get Tahiti travel packages to visit these places.

Rangiroa Atoll:

The Tuamotu archipelago in French Polynesia contains the second-largest atoll in the world, Rangiroa Atoll. Many resorts are available for visitors to stay at on Rangiroa which is renowned for its outstanding snorkeling and scuba diving sites. In the native tongue, the name itself translates to “endless sky.” Tahiti vacation packages are there to plan a trip to Tahiti.

Rurutu Island:

The Austral archipelago which includes Rurutu was created more than 12 million years ago. Numerous caverns have been formed on the island as a result of extensive erosion throughout time. The humpback whales visit this island every year between July and October and can be seen not far from the beach. There are different Tahiti travel packages to explore these places.


The Society Islands include Huahine, which can be reached by plane from Tahiti in 40 minutes. Huahine is covered in a tropical jungle. It is home to numerous diverse plantations including those for coconuts, vanilla, bananas, and breadfruit. The majority of French Polynesia’s ancient temples are located on this island. This island consists of eye-catching views. It is a suitable option to travel to Tahiti with different Tahiti vacation packages.


You must visit tiara with different vacation packages Tahiti. It is easy to understand why Tetiaroa was the preferred getaway for Tahitian royalty in the past given that it is surrounded by a sparkling lagoon. The island, which is now a private resort, still has many historic marae or temples. There are conservation initiatives in place to protect this magnificent habitat.

Mt Otemanu:

While the majority of visitors envision a picture-perfect ocean view, Mt. Otemanu is another breathtaking feature of Bora Bora. In stark contrast to the lagoon’s flat sanctuary, this magnificent peak is equally remarkable. Hire a guide when you visit Tahiti and work up a sweat as you attempt to climb as high as you can or hop in a helicopter for a bird’s-eye view of the extinct volcano.

Motu Teta Island:

A nine-acre private island, Motu Teta provides tourists with a natural setting in which to unwind, swim, snorkel, kayak, or even windsurf. It’s the ideal getaway for anyone who wishes to disconnect from the outside world and complete with a personal chef to satisfy their hunger. With different Tahiti travel packages, you can easily travel to this land.

Opunohu Bay:

Opunohu Cove, a three-kilometer-long bay on the magnificent island of Moorea is less developed than some other adjacent beaches. The water looks like a lake on calm days and dolphins frequently visit the area. You can get a Tahiti vacation package by contacting a travel agency

Tikehau Atoll:

With more marine life than inhabitants, this atoll in the Tuamoto Archipelago is the starting point for some of the best diving in French Polynesia. The northeastern half of the island is also essentially deserted. The views of the lagoon are picture-perfect and showcase the white and pink powdery sand. A travel agency introduces different Tahiti travel packages.

Nuku Hiva:

The enormous island, the biggest in the Marquesas Islands is home to a wide variety of breathtaking natural features including waterfalls, natural basins, and canyons. The Valpo Waterfall on Nuku Hiva which plunges from 1148 feet is the third-highest waterfall in the world (350 meters).

Mt Tohivea:

The tallest peak on Moorea is Mt. Tohivea which rises to a height of 3,960 feet (1207 meters). It is a dormant volcano like many of the pinnacles in French Polynesia and can be seen plainly from Tahiti’s capital, Papeete. Mt. Tohivea has a lot of hiking paths nearby although climbing the mountain is reported to be nearly impossible. This is why you must visit Tahiti because there are many places to visit as mentioned above. You can get different Tahiti vacation packages by contacting a travel agency.

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