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What are the benefits of a health plan?

The number who decide to subscribe to a private health plan is growing year after year: let’s find out what the advantages of this insurance are and why Axieme is the right solution for your health.

What are the benefits of a health plan?

How many times in Hollywood movies and various television series have we seen one of the protagonists totally desperate for not being able to access the necessary medical care? This is undoubtedly one of the most exploited topics in the world of cinema, and not only that: someone needs an operation, an emergency intervention, but does not have the necessary Small business health insurance, and for this reason they risk a lot. From there you can embark on the most absurd plots, full of intrigues and twists. Sadly, it’s not just a TV gimmick. The situation regarding the US health system has certainly improved with the famous Obamacare but still remains far from the guarantees of the Italian health system. Here, in fact, it is possible to access the best treatments even without having a health insurance policy.

But is it really so? Not really: the health plan, in fact, gives extra security, going to cover all unforeseen health expenses, as well as any expenses not covered by the National Health Service (which yes, there are still many!).

Why take out a health plan

You don’t mess with health: you need to do everything possible to prevent, and therefore to cure, the pathologies that arise over time, large and small. The problem is that very often the necessary treatments are difficult to access or extremely expensive. This is because, on the one hand, the health service has very long waiting lists; and because, on the other hand, the same treatments in a private structure really cost a lot, often too much.

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Yet there are more and more people who turn to private structures, for the most varied reasons. For a low trust in the National Health System, for extremely shorter waiting times, for a higher quality health treatment… from time to time the reasons are different, but the concept is the same. Turning to private structures, however, automatically means paying, often more – much more – than the ticket provided for by the NHS.

health plan

With a health insurance policy, however, the situation changes. In fact, there are many advantages of subscribing to a private health plan, such as:

  • reimbursement of expenses not covered by the National Health Service;
  • extremely short lists and waiting times;
  • greater freedom in choosing the structures or professionals to turn to;
  • reimbursement of extra costs, from physiotherapy to medicines to health subsidies;
  • strong discounts at affiliated facilities;
  • periodic check-ups;
  • capital available to the insured in the event of illness or serious injury;
  • per diem during hospitalization.

Starting from these advantages, it is not at all surprising to discover that health insurance in Italy has grown tremendously in recent years.

Axieme’s health solutions

Axieme offers a wide range of health proposals, aimed at everyone’s pockets. We start from the health card, an entry level solution , with some essential services, we move on to the Virtual Hospital and we arrive at the Health Plan , our most complete solution and with different levels of protection: in short, with Axieme healthcare becomes more affordable and not you have to give up having a high level of service.

In the case of Axieme’s health plan, for example, the benefits are considerable. In fact, this type of product does not just guarantee the advantages seen above, but also covers hospital services, hospitalizations, interventions and various extra-hospital services, from high diagnostics to the purchase of corrective lenses. The Axieme health plan also covers the cost of dental and orthodontic visits and checks.

And with Axieme the advantages are even more: by subscribing to an Axieme product, in fact, you will be able to access the benefits of Axieme Exclusive, the benefits program for policyholders that allows you to have exclusive discounts, personalized consultancy and much more.

What are you waiting for?

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