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3 Primary considerations for android app localization services

Localization is a process that paves the way for the different regions to connect well. It has always been in there whether you noticed or not. It is a process that allows businesses, organizations, and countries to operate on an international scale. The localization has mostly been carried out in the economic context. However, it has a great connection with the political scenarios and cultural significance of the intended country too. Many times, it strikes well and resonates with the culture of the underdeveloped countries more accurately as compared to that of the home region. This is an era of globalization and localization and businesses have been developing and expanding their operations with the help of applications. This alludes to why Android app localization services are quite in demand these days.

Localizing the Android apps allows businesses with a better and wider reach with somewhat less expenses. They also get a competitive edge. Also targeting the masses through an android app enables businesses to compete in the global market. App and professional software localization services can be a technical and challenging process. Businesses need to be sure of certain things beforehand. A successful process of app localization requires considering a lot of factors to navigate through the challenges swiftly.

Here are the key considerations for the process that localizers and translators should consider while executing the app and software localization process.

Target Languages and Locales

It is important to identify the target market primarily. Analyzing the app’s audience and prioritizing the languages and locales help to align the expansion plan more reasonably. Knowing the preferences and choices of the target audiences helps to carry out the process appropriately resonating right according to their needs.

Language usage

Another primary factor before localizing the Android app is getting to know the language of the target audiences. The access usage and the popularity of the languages that are more commonly spoken among target audiences should be listed in advance. Moreover, comprehending the language dialects and nuances that are common in the target place helps to carry out the app localization process more smoothly. It helps to consider the cultural sensitivities and linguistic differences according to the target locales.

Translation and Cultural Adaptation

The translation trend may also vary with the country, business, and niche. We have software these days for every other product, business, and niche. Cultural adaptation is also a fundamental part of the process.

Accurate translation 

Accurate translation is the prerequisite for translation and cultural adaptation. Furthermore, it aids through swift and professional software localization services. A standard, precise, and high-quality translation of the content with the relevant UI/UX elements to be used in the app localization among strings and user-facing text should be translated accurately and professionally.

Cultural implications 

Cultural factors are an inseparable part of the Android app localization services. Hence adaptation of the app’s content according to the cultural practices of the targeted region with imagery and functionality should be considered and aligned actively. The local customs, traditions, and preferences are important to be followed for the right and relevant localization process. 

Right-to-Left support

There are languages such as Persian, Arabic, and Urdu which are written from right to left, unlike many European languages. Therefore, it is important that you consider this factor and set the app’s layout accordingly. There are apps that are in Arabic and often show glitches starting from left to right without any proper alignment. This leaves a negative impact on the users and they deviate to one of your rivals and competitors. Therefore, make sure that you adapt the UI elements and set the whole format accordingly. While you offer translation of your app in any of the rights to left languages, ensure that the app has full backend support to deal with the glitches.

Technical Considerations

Technical considerations are the top to consider while working on Android app localization services. The whole process is challenging mainly due to the technicalities that it comes with.

Resource management

A balanced and organized resource management can help to organize and manage localized resources efficiently. The right use of Android’s resource system and localization management tools allows the resources more evenly.

Text length handling

Android apps come with very precise and limited space when it comes to text display. There are small boxes where you have to fit and fix the text. Therefore, consider this factor in advance and make preparations accordingly. Make sure you accommodate the variation in text length for the different languages and also avoid layout issues.

Plurals handling

Many businesses and localization often happen to overlook this factor but plural handling of pluralization also shows many glitches impacting the app negatively. Different languages require accurate grammar and context. Considering the language requirements and their plurals appropriately can make the process more professional. For seamless and professional software localization services, it is important you consider every minor factor. 

Date and time formatting

We all know how date and time formats hold great importance in the localization process due to the fact that there are different formats of entering date and time practiced in different countries. Therefore, you need to check for the date and time format of your intended region and test entering it accordingly in the Android app.

Currency formatting

Currency formatting like date and time format are also different with different masses. You need to use the appropriate currency symbols and formatting according to the locales common in the target region. Any factor that goes against the local business practices can make them skeptical thinking your app is a scam, you need to be vigilant on that matter. 


App and software localization processes are challenging due to the technical handling. It is important that the developers and businesses understand how localization for an app works before starting the work. Three primary considerations for the process include considering target language and locales, translation, and cultural practices with technical considerations. 

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