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Misery Business Lyrics: Meaning and Controversy Behind Paramore’s

Paramore is one of the most influential pop-punk bands of the 21st century, with a loyal fanbase and a string of successful albums. Their breakthrough hit, “Misery Business Lyrics”, from their 2007 album Riot!, is still one of their most popular songs. Still, it has a complicated history and a controversial lyric that has sparked debate among fans and critics.

This blog post explores the meaning and controversy behind Paramore’s “Misery Business” lyrics and how the band and singer Hayley Williams have addressed the issue over the years.

What is “Misery Business Lyrics” about?

Misery Business Lyrics is a song that tells the story of a teenage love triangle, where the narrator (Williams) is in love with a boy dating another girl. The narrator despises the other girl, who she sees as manipulative and unfaithful, and she eventually succeeds in stealing the boy from her.

The song is based on Williams’ personal experience, as she wrote it when she was 17. She said in an interview that she had a crush on her bandmate Zac Farro, who was dating a girl that Williams and her friends did not like. She also wrote the song to express her feelings and free herself from the situation.

What is the controversial lyric in “Misery Business”?

Misery Business

The caused controversy in “lyrics for misery business” is the following:

“Second chances they don’t ever matter; people never change Once a whore, you’re nothing more, I’m sorry, that’ll never change.”

Many listeners have criticized this lyric for being slut-shaming, and anti-feminist, as it uses a derogatory term to refer to another woman and implies that she is unworthy of respect or redemption. Some have also argued that the song promotes a toxic attitude of competition and jealousy among women over men.

How has Hayley Williams responded to the controversy?

Williams has acknowledged the controversy and apologized for the lyric several times. She said she was young and naive when writing it and did not realize how harmful it was. She has also said she no longer relates to the lyric and regrets using it.

In 2015, Williams wrote a blog post explaining that she was influenced by a “cool girl” mentality that made her feel superior to other women. She said that she learned to embrace feminism and to respect other women’s choices and experiences.

In 2017, Williams stopped singing the lyric during live performances and replaced it with other words or let the audience sing it. She said that she wanted to show humility and accountability for her mistake.

In 2018, Williams announced that the band would retire the song from their setlist for a while, as they felt it was time to move on. She said she was proud of the song for what it meant to them and their fans, but she also wanted to grow and evolve as an artist.

In 2022, however, Williams surprised the fans by bringing back the song at their tour stop in Bakersfield, California. She said she decided to play it again after seeing how popular it became on TikTok, where many users made videos using or covering the song. She also joked that she got “canceled” for saying the word “whore” in the song, but then TikTok decided that it was okay.

Why is “Misery of Business Lyrics” still popular?

Why is “Misery Business” still popular?

Despite the controversy, “Misery of Business lyrics” remains one of Paramore’s most beloved songs. Many fans have defended the song and said they understand its context and emotional impact. They have also said that they appreciate Williams’ honesty and growth as a songwriter and a person.

“Misery Business” is also considered a pop-punk anthem and a classic of its genre.

Sure, here’s the modified version without the consecutive sentence:

It showcases Paramore’s energetic, catchy sound and Williams’ powerful vocals and charismatic presence. The song has been featured in various media and influenced many artists, such as Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo.”


Q: When was “Misery Business” released?

A: “Misery Business” was released on June 4, 2007, as the lead single from Paramore’s second studio album Riot!

Q: Who wrote “Misery Business”?

A: “Misery Business” was written by Hayley Williams and Josh Farro, both members of Paramore at the time.

Q: How successful was “Misery Business”?

A: “Misery Business” was Paramore’s first charting single in the US and the UK. According to the Hot 100 charts, it peaked at number 26 and number 17 on the UK Singles Chart. It also reached the top 10 on several alternative and rock charts. It was certified six times platinum in the US, selling over six million units.

Q: What awards did “Misery Business” win?

A: “Misery Business” won several awards, including the Kerrang! Award for Best Video in 2007, Best Rock Video MTV Video Music Award in 2008, and the Teen Choice Award for Choice Rock Track in 2008.


“Misery Business” is a song with a complex and controversial history and a lasting and influential legacy. It is a song that reflects the personal and artistic journey of Hayley Williams and Paramore and the changing attitudes and perspectives of their fans and critics. It is a song that can be enjoyed for its musical quality and emotional resonance but also challenged for its problematic message and social impact. The song invites discussion, debate, respect, and understanding.

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